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Brand valuation

This brand valuation site is designed to help answer all your questions about brand valuation and provide a quick and easy way to get a quote.

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About brand valuation

Brand valuation is used for a range of activities. This brand valuation site tells you everything you need to know about brand valuation, such as how to value brands, brand valuation methods, brand value metrics, brand valuation standards and information on other brand valuation related issues. also provides information on brand valuation services. Brand valuation has many applications and is used for a variety of purposes. Typical brand valuation services range from valuing brands for financial reporting, measuring and monitoring brand value, understanding return on investment of your marketing activities, valuing brands for due diligence prior to acquisition or purchase, valuing brands for tax purposes or financing, brand valuation for disputes or brand valuation to influence brand strategy.

These brand valuation services are undertaken by brand valuation experts with many years experience and relevant industry qualifications.

Brand valuation consultation

We understand you may not be ready yet to issue a full brief and just want a quick conversation about valuing your brand. We’re happy to help. If you would like one of our brand valuation consultants to give you a no obligation brand valuation consultation please call us on 020 8392 0193 or ASK us a question.

Brand valuation issues:

Brand value vs brand value

The term brand value can often confuse. Brand value in some contexts can mean the financial value of a brand – its actual value. In o...

How do you value brands?

Every brand is unique. Every brand valuation therefore requires a similarly bespoke approach or brand valuation method. Calculating value i...

Brand valuation methods

There are a number of different brand valuation methods. There are pros and cons of all these methods of valuing brands. A brand valuation ...

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