New website launching Spring 2017

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In 2010 Hertfordshire Council Children’s Services developed a project known as “My Baby’s Brain”. This was a training and development project, which involved creating materials for both practitioners and parents to illustrate how the behaviour of adults could make a difference to the development of the brain in the early years. The training was rolled out to thousands of professionals and parents in Hertfordshire, and the evaluations were extremely positive.

In 2013 the Head of Children’s Services approached John Coleman to ask if he could take the lead on a similar piece of work focussing on the teenage brain. He developed materials similar to those used with My Baby’s Brain. The programme was called “My Teen Brain”, and was first piloted with practitioners in early 2014.

My Teen Brain

The suite of materials now consists of a one-day training, an advanced half-day training, and a publicly available website at

The materials were developed by John Coleman, and the training is carried out jointly by staff from Family Links, a charity based in Oxford, and by John Coleman when he is available. The one-day training has been over 40 times since 2014, so that approximately 900 practitioners have taken part. There are currently over 100 individuals on the waiting list, and 12 more training days have been commissioned to run in 2017/2018.

My Teen Brain – youth version

As a result of numerous requests from professional staff in Hertfordshire, John Coleman was commissioned to develop a suite of materials for young people similar in coverage to the My Teen Brain programme. This new project commenced in January 2017, and for the first six months of the year there will be a period of trials with young people from various backgrounds. This website is being developed, and it is expected that by the autumn of 2017 materials will be available for use by practitioners working with young people in Hertfordshire.