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Brand valuation for due diligence

Brand valuation should be an integral part of any due diligence process, especially prior to an acquisition. The brand valuation process can help determine how much to pay, it identifies risks and opportunities and the compatibility with your existing business or portfolio of brands.

Our brand valuation consultants would be very happy to have a FREE brand valuation consultation with you about how brand valuation could assist you in your potential acquisition or due diligence process. To request a quote, simply fill in the ‘Request a Quote’ form and we will contact you directly with a quote.

If you comply with IFRS - which all listed companies and large companies have to – you will be required to carry out a brand valuation post acquisition anyway, under IFRS 3. Why not get maximum value from the brand valuation and commission the brand valuation prior to the acquisition?

Our brand valuation consultants have carried out due diligence on hundreds of brands all over the world. This experience enables us to work efficiently and add considerable benefits to clients.

To request a quote for a brand valuation to help with your due diligence, simply fill in the ‘Request a Quote’ form. Alternatively, please contact us for a no obligation brand valuation consultation.

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