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Brand valuation for tax purposes

Brands must be valued for tax purposes for HMRC and other tax and financial regulators and authorities. 

Our brand valuation methods are fully compliant with International Financial Reporting Standards, such as IFRS 3. We are also the only specialist brand valuation company on HMRC’s panel of experts for provision of intangible asset valuations. 

If you would like us to value your brand for tax purposes, simply fill in the ‘Request a Quote’ form and one of our brand valuation consultants will contact you with a quote. Alternatively, you are welcome to a FREE brand valuation consultation for an initial discussion. 

Activities requiring brands to be valued for tax purposes include for disputes, to establish inheritance tax (IHT) owed by the estate of a deceased individual, for transferring brands into related companies or a new special purpose vehicle, for transfer pricing policies, or when transferring income received from a brand, such as royalty income.

Brand valuation is a useful exercise to undertake prior to its regulatory requirement. Brand valuation for tax purposes can be used as a proactive tax strategy, to help ascertain the optimal and most tax efficient strategy to adopt regarding your brands. 

To request a quote for a brand valuation for tax purposes, simply fill in the ‘Request a Quote’ form. Alternatively, please contact us for a no obligation brand valuation consultation.