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Brand valuation for securitisation

Your brand's value can help raise finance through securitisation. Your brand value could be used as collateral for a loan, an investment, reducing liabilities or pension deficit. Lending against receivables or tangible assets such as property is commonplace. Lending against brand value, whilst rare, is increasing. Including brands in debt security decreases risk to lenders and allows the owner to benefit from more favourable terms.

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The brand valuation requires the approval of banks, auditors, tax and financial authorities. A robust brand valuation is therefore essential. Our team of brand valuation experts is experienced in carrying out brand valuations for securitisations and communicating with the relevant authorities to ensure the approval of the scheme. 

Following the brand valuation, the brand can be transferred into a new company – a special purpose vehicle. The calculations within the brand valuation can also be used to assist with any transfer pricing issues that may arise as a result of the transactions. 

All our brand valuation experts have many years experience of valuing brands in all categories and would be very happy to discuss your brand valuation needs. 

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