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Brand valuation for insolvency

A brand valuation can help support insolvency practitioners in their insolvency and administration procedures. We can provide an opinion on the brand value or value of other intellectual property rights (IPR). This brand valuation can help ensure the recovery value is maximised for creditors. 

The brand valuation letter of opinion or full brand valuation report can also be used by the insolvency practitioners as evidence that they have carried out a thorough assessment of asset values – in compliance with SIP 16. 

With the breadth of our brand valuation experience we are able to provide a quick opinion on how valuable the brand is likely to be. Following this quick assessment we can provide the necessary documentation to support the brand value quickly and efficiently. To request a quote for a brand valuation, simply fill in the ‘Request a Quote’ form or contact us for a FREE brand valuation consultation

Reassuring creditors that a pre-pack was carried out with sufficient due diligence and that assets were liquidated at maximum value is increasingly important. Brands and other intangible assets can hold significant value, even after the insolvency process. An active market exists for brands which helps support the asset values and a brand valuation is therefore increasingly called for.

To request a quote for a brand valuation for insolvency, simply fill in the ‘Request a Quote’ form. Alternatively, please contact us for a no obligation brand valuation consultation.